Thursday, July 24, 2008

im now in MIRI!!

well here i in miri..n im strting to miss kuching sooooo badly..huhu..
i live at Curtin Village..well it's juz OK..except wit the fact that there are so many thieves in this of my fren's had been robbed that day..the robber bring a knife n there is nothing she can do at dat time..n she jz run away from her room..well the robber managed to take lptop n handphone n etc. Alhamdulillah she's jz fine..n there is no one hurts in such situation..She called the police at 4.30 a.m. n guess wat..the police managed to arrived at 8.30a.m. well thnks for dat!!I hope everyone will b jz fine after this..i hope Curtin can provide smthing dat can prevent the thieves to come in this area..

So back to my life in Miri..we had jz finished our 0-Week..and it was sooooo fun..
i love the detective games i love the product performances, i love the groups' cheer, i love all the SOAR Advisor for being sooooo helpfull..n i love everything during 0-week=) Luv ya...

Well,FYI,our group's cheer is like this.


Curbie curbie move ahead(ahead ahead ahead ahead)aum
Curbie curbie leap ahead(ahead ahead ahead ahead)aum
Goooooooooo curbie!!!!
hikhik..i love it!!seriously i do!!

Our group's name is Curbie coz it stands For Curtin Newbie,,CURBIE, dats it!!=)

Let me hear your Curtin Clap!!dumdumdum dum dum dum..hooooo..
dis is Curtin's cheer!!! Full of spirit..!!

well im kinda sleepy rite see u guys soon!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

truth really hurts..isnt it?

well first u don noe me..second u don noe me..dats it..

see i cant reli reveal the real me..since im living in this such so called fantasy running away from the reality..dats the truth..well truth reli hurts..

i had to lie to everyone n even worst im lying to myself..well truth reli hurts..

no offense..i look better in pictures..n don b shocked to see me stnding in front of u..well truth reli hurts..

i look hepi at d outside..but no one knows wat am i thinking..well truth reli hurts..

when i say yes..which actually means no..i cant even chnge dat..well truth reli hurts..

i can't even say to someone i loved dat i love u..which in fact the truth is im soo deeply n truly in love wit u..well truths reli hurts..

when i tell u dat i hate u more than anything in this world..i didnt reli mean it..becoz i cant..i cant hate u..well truth reli hurts..

when i tell u dat plz leave me..which in fact d truth is all i want is u to stay by my side forever..well truth reli hurts..

i cant even say d truth..n dats y truth reli

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ColourS~or colors~?=)

Colours=) Talking bout colours..everybody has their own favourite colour(s)..well if u dont u shud pick one..=)

Well,basically they are only 3 colours which are blue yellow n red.I learned this during our art class 2004..Theorotically mixing this colours will produce another color..for instance mixing yellow n blue wit t correct proportion will produce green colour..=)try to relate this in our daily routine..well by mixing diz n dat will produce smthing great..well u shud b moderate in everything..coz if u try to mix all the colours colour will b produced..BEWARE!!oops..b4 i favourite colour is PINK!!
it's cute rite!!=)

my life is so colourful becoz i blend the clours in it!!me likey..
besides that rainbow makes me happy..=)

everything has to b colourful around me..n dats it!!the end

Friday, July 11, 2008


one day i caught myself smiling for no reason..then i realized i was thinking of u!!..=)
cherish every moment together..
fill ur life wit laughter n joy..
enjoy ur life to d fullest not because life is short..cliche**(SPELL?)it is jz becoz dat life is so live!!=) (merepek hahah)


well d list dat i've made last nite..they r useless..i ended up sleeping while watching muvee..;)hahah..n one great achievement..i didnt take any supper las nite:)im on a diet..err..lalalal;P

so now..gud mrning's 7.37 a.m.
i don hav any activity for today..n i feel like hibernating rite now...:P

err i have nothing to hear from me soon:)


it's late..1.10 a.m.

Align Center

well it's kinda late rite fact veryyy late..

i cant sleep dats wat am i going to do then..

i've made a check diz out!!

First thing so hungry rite now..waaa dats y my mum keeps on bugging me to sleep early..well now i noe da reason!!mom!!tenkiuk..i'll try to sleep early nex time..=)

eh3 bout dat list..erm.

DeklinDot is going to do:-

1)well snap2..taking pictures..=)me likey..mwahaaha

2)err mtrmelon juice?i've been "mengidam" for dat i pregnant?hahah..

3)err about Perfect Man..err again..i watched dat muvee bout millions of time already..hahah

4)how bout blogging..i'll try to cntinue writing n writing after diz=)

correct me if im wrking on my english=)thanks everyone..


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


sitting alone in my own room make me realised dat im da only one hu left in kuching..oh my dear friendssssss...i mis u guys damn much!!!!lalalala..~ dude..we r not miles away we r only a mail away..=P nway i hope time heals everything..

dear friends..

one day my words might hurt u,
even my joke might make u sick,

even my face make u run away, n every single reasons dat u made is to avoid me,
rmmber dat every seconds dat we've spent together,
d moment dat we cptured through pictures,
n d memories dat we've been experienced all dz while..
will never ever fade away..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

so longg~~'s been so long since my last blog had been published..ehh..once again my english is soo nott don blame me!!im wrking on it dude!!=Pteehee~

oh ya..i had my chckenpox..n it was d worse day ever..huwaaaa..everybody starts dstncing themselves from me...waaa...n dat includes my own family..i had to stay inside my mom's usual..i got fever n d itchiness is running my nerve!!urgh..but fortunate..i got everything i's like my mom has a magic wand dat can reveal someone's wish..hikhik...

wat am i talking about..dat is wat ppl called A.D.D which specifically means Attention Deficit Disorder..actually i don really noe bout this till i watch
Nigahiga rant on A.D.D.hikhik try to watch his sure dat u guys will enjoy urself watching them...