Friday, October 24, 2008

oo happy day~=)

oo happy day...deklindot is singing damdudimdumddadadamm=))

Sunday, October 19, 2008


im trying my best to finish my WRS essay=)

wish me luck


Saturday, October 18, 2008


im so bored..err

Thursday, October 16, 2008

im tired~

im seriously tired of being blamed..

as if u noe d real story..things wouldn happened this way~or that way..or such way..fine watever suits u~

i don like it here..i mean here.. curtin..
but..err smtimes..i feel soo lucky to b here..^_^ cant deny the fact that i lovee all my frens heree=)

(222222222222222222)----> ok dat's amat..he wrote dat..kinda crazy reli in need to gain weight=)hohoho..sory amat..

ey..wat am i doing now..

things to do..

1) Phy report
2) Msian studies report
3) Programming c++ project(30 marks)
4) WRS cause and effect essay (30 marks)
5) Eng maths tutorial..
6) final exam is coming soon..wat shud i doo!!!!

nerdynerd mode~ -_-

weekkk!!! (hugss**)xoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i dunno y

reading others blog..reli inspired me to update u pity blog..n i dunno y is dat so..

err..currently in g2 103..

still working on my wrs essay..waaaa..

i don like assignmentssss

seriously it doesnt help at all...

n so do homework..jz a waste of time

ey gotta go..

mo mkn..

**runs* still slower than najwa..teehee


argh..i hate this..last nite got so many work to do..then i have no time for my eng maths's 5 internal for me..that can helps a lotttt~~

thinking bout quiz..y am i writing a blog instead of studying???crazy..woo..

imitating Najwa... *Runs*(of coz slower than u la najwa)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's been long~'s been like monthsssss that i didnt even manage to update u pity blog..but now im here for u..don worry=p

hehehe.. in the ict lab.. n i have no idea wat am i doing rite now..
First i've been thinking bout the Programming C++ project, then WRS thingy which i have to do the research..waaaaaaa, then Physics Lab then Chemistry Lab, then got quiz tmorrow for engineering mathss..and and and then and then got msian studies report and presentation dead..i am reli deaaaadddd!!! can i cope life like this....
Ya Allah ya tuhanku..berikanlah kekuataaann kepada diriku ini^___^

pS:i've been improving my english since yearss..but nothing chnge..err..don care!weekk!!>:P

ey2..gtg.. *HUGS*