Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i miss u like thissssssssssssssssssss mucchhh

I’m internally bleeding..oh yes I am..
How I miss my dear ex housemates in Curtin for my last semester… I miss you guys=)
Farah,Mea,Vicky,Alia,Fahren n yes you you TDG..tim de grussa..!!!
You guys mean a lot to me..n I love u like thisssssss muccchhhh….
Got it?
The sad part are..
1) Farah won’t come back to Miri again..which I had to survive my another 5 years without you can you’s five years..!!! oh..BITCH PLEASE!!! Can u please like come and visit me for five minute at missing u daymmmnnnn much..(I sound more like you this I right???)shooh shooh bad influence..hahaha

2) Vicky too. Why you had to go. Miri isn’t that bad..err..we got Bintang, Boulevard, err, I repeat Bintang..okay actually many interesting places..I just can’t really remember… Now I blame you Tim!!! You took Vicky away..

3) Tim finished his dgree..n he won’t be coming back to Malaysia again(I supposed)hahaha..

4) Fahren and her family moved to Hawaii..and becoming the most successful hotel manager ever existed!!!

5) Because of Alia’s determination studying at NSA every night..Alia is back to Lakeside Apartment for the next semester.

6) Amera n deklindot had to survive their life without this sad!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


About a week before, i've been told by Nur Fatrina that there will be an exchange student coming to Curtin..without further question..i'm sooo happy, relieved, excited, and whatever that shows im HAPPY with that fact..n I was like omg omg omg omg omg..really???it's totally upsetting being the only muslim girl last semester..don feel offended with this statement oh my dear not being racist or's just would be more interesting where you have somebody to accompanied you to surau..and when u finish your class there's someone there for you.. Amera and Farah did a good job last semester..i would like to thank you..for always being there for me=)XOXO I did made some friends..likeAlia, Zarith, Najwa, Ina, Zaty, Debbie, Seraphina, Lyssa, Brenda, Yinxxi, Christine and some of the others..oh please don't feel sad if im not even mentioning your name's quite a lot of know i love all of you..xoxo..Not to forget




did i miss any of you..oh and if I did..lots n lots of's quite a number of you..=)

Oh ya..about the exchange student..I'm dissapointed, thought the new exchange student from france would be a female ! But in's a male.. How sad. Oh..I'm soryy,i'm not upset that u're coming to Curtin Mr MaleStudent..not quite familiar with your name..yet..but I heard it before..Khairul somethin something that i can't recall.. If u really are coming to Curtin..i would like to say this..

but if u're not coming here..what can I say..mybe Petronas send u to some placee wayyyyy bettterrrr than Curtin=)..
Enjoy ur farewell party..

Lots of love..xoxo

Monday, January 12, 2009

rant on whatever it is..

back to 1994..we move to Taman Sukma i was like 4 years old at that's jz a small terrace house..but okaayylaaa...jiran2 pun okaayylaaaa....but that was 14 years ago..well, what can I say everything's changing from time to time..bak kata org2..skrg..zaman da maju..there's a lot of changes here..

1) Sukma Ria(i dont even understand why they build this. Maybe it's just how people nowadays
waste their money on)
- Sukma Ria where people previously enjoy their meal, where housewives can easily buy all those groceries here.
- Sukma Ria now is a lot more like tmpat budak2 lepak..karaoke smpai pagi..and one more thing..tmpat gaduh2..hey 2 words LOSERS!BACK OFF!!!

2) Like I said, it's just a small terrace house. The distance between my house and my neighbours at the back is only like 1 metre. Oh day my brother, abg dos met a girl at his office. Their conversation goes like this..and the girls starts the conversation first.

Girl: Ey u from Taman Sukma rite?samalaaaa kitaaa..
Dos: yea2..taman sukma la..
Girl: dpt la tumpang2..hehe
Dos: Bole jak..asal ada org bayar tol..
Girl: Bole2..alrightt..
Dos: Btw u tnggal lorong ne?
Girl: 1D..u?
Dos: aiee i lorong 1E..xjaoh la kita..
(after a while of conversation)
Girl: aie..adik u nak tiap2 ari nyanyi dlm toilet ya..
Dos: aie..umah u la yg x siap2 gik da berapa taun renovation..
we r neighbours for almost 15 years...

we've just known each other after spent almost 15 years here in Taman Sukma..hihihi..

couldnt agree more that we only meet each other in the morning where mum pegi sidai baju..kain2..

what else?urm..luckily taman sukma x bnjir oi..haha=)

that's all la for now..till then..


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LOTS n loads n LOTS

lots of things happened lately..i cant even manage to update u my lovely blog.

first thing first..i would like to welcome JOHAN DZULQARNAIN, the new born baby..


don worry auntie usu will treat u nicely babyyy~~~hehehealaaa..berenti laaa nangggeeeessssssss!!!hihihi..

the sad part was my dad chnge his hp wallpaper to baby johan pic..soo saaddd.. since the first day my dad bought his always my pic jd's sooo nott fair...
**kick johan softly..(legaaaaa...weekkk!!)

loads n loads of love..xoxo

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The heart of a muslim..=)

by : Zain Bikha

Looking up at the sky, searching for Allah most High
He rejected the way of worshipping Gods of clay
Prophet Ebrahim knew that Allah was near
And that the heart of a Muslim is sincere

Under the hot burning sun, he declared God is one
Though with stones on his chest, his Imaan would not rest
The Muadhin knew that right would conquer wrong
And the heart of a Muslim must be strong

It's the heart of a Muslim through the guidance of Islam
That makes you fair and kind and helpful to your fellow man
So living as a Muslim means that you must play a part
Allah looks not at how you look, but what is in your heart

In our poor meager state, little food on our plate
Mother said she was glad, always sharing what we had
When I asked how can we share what's not enough
She said the heart of a Muslim's filled with love

He said its time you should know, you will learn as you grow
That some people around will do what's bad to bring you down
Father said to be a star that's shining bright
For the heart of a Muslim does what's right

So whatever you, make sure your words are true
Honesty is the best, because life is a test
Even if it hurts so much you want to cry
For the heart of a Muslim does not lie