Saturday, February 20, 2010

torture someone else...

cant help watching my student was mentally tortured...seriously he changed. like a LOT! i know he acted totally out of control..sometimes but kids, that's just the way they act.

kids are awesome at times..and cute all the time..annoying sometimes, loud everytime, cry anytime. Let's just wrap up everything.. KIDS do silly stuff at all times! :)

i love my studentttssss :)

Lots of love(LOL)

Friday, February 19, 2010

that was then

Our chinese new year celebration this year is not as good like the previous one :D but im glad i can make it this year. To all Chinese out there..n those celebrating Chinese New Year, hope it's not too late to wish u Happy Chinese New Year. :)These are some of the photos taken :) Enjoy :)

bnyk lagi tapi malas

Lots of love (LOL)

ps: not worth trying, not worth waiting, not worth loving.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the things that distract me...

i was listening to Fadzilah Kamsah's show (while snapping pictures with johan) and i found this is soo interesting..

Sebagai muhasabah pada hari yang mulia ini mengenai penyakit rohani, elok juga kita meneliti sebuah hadis yang menjadi pesanan Rasulullah s.a.w kepada menantunya Saidina Ali r.a:

“Wahai Ali, setiap sesuatu pasti ada penyakitnya: Penyakit bicara adalah bohong, penyakit ilmu adalah lupa, penyakit ibadah adalah riak, penyakit akhlak mulia adalah kagum kepada diri sendiri, penyakit berani adalah menyerang, penyakit dermawan adalah mengungkap pemberian, penyakit tampan adalah sombong, penyakit bangsawan adalah membanggakan diri, penyakit malu adalah lemah, penyakit mulia adalah menyombongkan diri, penyakit kaya adalah kikir, penyakit royal adalah hidup mewah dan penyakit agama adalah nafsu yang diperturutkan…”

copied from me me me

represent a strong moment of self evaluation people!!!


Johan n deklindotdot
Johan da pndai jalan <3

main2 je :P

oh ya. n so i was annoyed by someone earlier of the day. Don't mess with me, or i'll mess ur life!

two words. Back off!

saya comel ooohh :)

Lots of love(LOL)

Monday, February 15, 2010

if u cant get someone out of ur head, maybe they're spposed to be there

i'm giving u this

Lots of love(LOL)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

re : eat my words..i swear i cant hold back my tears no more

Farah said: OMG. You need to love yourself.A waist size of 22cm is never going to be attractive. I swear. That's too thin. Instead of worrying if you're fat or not, just be healthy la. That's more important. And above all, don't be swayed by all the advertisements on the billboard telling you how you should look . They're photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection. We can never be perfect. I have cellulite and stretch marks and unless I have the money for surgery, they're never going to go away. But that's okay, I've embraced them. Used to hate it so much but nothing I can do. Not all women look like Megan Fox btw. Here's a more realistic view on how REAL women look like without the photoshop and airbrushing. Just ordinary beautiful women. I hope you can realize how important it is to embrace yourself. People used to call me names too. And I wasn't even fat. So yeah, don't need to care much abt what ppl think. You can never make urself happy by attempting to make them happy. I love you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Muahhxx

i just want to say : i dont know. i just had my moment of self evaluation last nite.thinking how happy a girl that is sooo attractive with flawless body, beautiful face,do nothing but still having friends around them..they x even need to spit out words, yet ppl still want to talk to them..they x even need to be good with ppl but ppl still being a better friend to them. their smile say a million life can be soo unfair. thats what i think. but having u as my friend at the first place is something that i never thought of..haha i swear. btw btw thnx for the advice really2 appreciate it la wey..referring to my previous listing the important people in my life. u're on the list. I love u la!!!why la why la..hahaahah

islah said: betul! yg penting sihat :) setiap org ada kelebihan masing2.. setiap lelaki ada ciri2 wanita idaman.. hehe.. jgn risau :)

deklin says: thnx islah..dah ada..da lelaki idaman tapi belum jumpa..ayat skema kan :) hohooohoho..

Kn says: deklin!!! ape merepek nie!!! btul kate kawan deklin nie... kN dpt rase ape yg deklin rase. deklin pun prasan kan yg kN skang nie sudah membesar... hu~ kalo bleh nak balik mcm dulu balik. tp dah x bleh dah. dulu, time org slalu kate kN mkn besar, kN rase cam nak amek pisau, nak potong je mane2 bhgn yg membesar nie. tp naseb bek kN waras lg tau. smpai ade satu thap, kN x mo kuar bilik lg, xmo g klas sbb malu sumer org ckp kN camtu. tp lame2, bile de kwan2 yg memahami, kN mkn jd biase ngan sumer nie. cube accept sape diri kite skrg nie. confident ngan diri kite sendr. tp still, bile org ckp kN besar ke, gemok ke, tembam ke, kN still mkn ati lg, wlaupun muke kite tersenyum. x pe deklin, sekurang2nye kite happy ngann diri kite. jap. happy ke? x happy pun. kN pun tgh cube bine self confidence n happy ngan diri sendiri. jom kite same2 berusaha tuk menyayangi diri sendiri. kite boleh sayang diri sendiri. p/s: kN x tau ape kN merepek nie. tetibe jer emo. sori kalo buat deklin pening.

kn comey takpeeee la weyyy.....( tp deklin lagi comey..yay) ckp mcm2 kite snyum je..tak la mkn ati sngt sbb mmg da gmok..adoi..deklin pun cuba bina self confidence..cuma jeles je kadang2 tngok kwn2 yg kurus cantik tapi ckp diri sndiri gmok(asa nk bunuh diri je dgr hahaha) kn jgn emo!nnti deklin ter JOIN plak ahaha.. deklin syg KN..
dan islah jgak hahahaha (ok tak cover kat sin

One of my friend said, the thing that matters now is i am actually want to be perfect in front of everybody.

and i found this

accept me for who i am :) love u!

Lots of love(LOL)

ps:im not trying too hard la wey look at this..

makaaaannn!! :D

sy nampak kurus di sini suka..

nak jadi confident sikit: jom jadi comel macam saya..(da konfiden lom ckp cmni) :P

Friday, February 12, 2010

eat my words...

i am now size 2....

i am 98 pounds...

my waist stat is 22 cm...

i can fit into size S shirt perfectly now....

i have megan fox's body...

i'm giving away my old clothes since i'm slimming down.... n i'm on a shopping spree as a slimmer shopper...

how i wish i can write like this by next month... *sigh*

dayyuumm..20 kg more to go!long way to me wey..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow me!

haih what can i say..after all

deklindot likes this:)

how can i get rid of this fats..urghh..desperately in need to be like a normal girl..

shooh shooh go away..

u fat smiley!

Lots of love(LOL)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

holiday is almost over!

arghh tertekan publish post.!

nway my first entry since holiday..
hhahaa..berhabuk da blog neh..i've nothing to share n dats explain why is this happening..(ala bkn ada org bc pon) adoi.. :D ckp pun da xbtol...

hahah..oh ya oh ya..

time is running out!

holiday is almost over la wey..another 19 days in Kuching..awww after 3 months ++ of's just not enough... :D

Im going back to Miri on the 26th..lots of things happend before this...i just cant imagine meeting my friends again..meeting new ppl which is awesomely awesome:) staying at the same room,be surrounded by ppl i love.. :) just cant accept the fact that i'll staying far far away from my family again haihh...

i've been listing some of important people in my life.. n cant deny the fact that
to these people!cheers! :)

communication barrier is on the verge of exploding by the time the new semester begin..which leads to err..ohhh ba ba..

awkward gila dowh!

which come to this question?


ps:i've been avoiding myself from someone lately n im sorry for that..i hope things are going to its normal phase like the way it shud be before this.oh plz plz n plz..