Sunday, September 7, 2008

well.that was then?

everybody keeps on asking wat da hell is the doctor of happiness=D
previously, i was so interested in medicine..n since the jpa send me to a faraway land..i guess that marks the end of my dream..well being a geologist is not bad though!!;P
although im a geologist(to be!!), still a doctor wannabe=Pcrazyy...i have no idea bout wat am i talking about...nmind..that is y call me doctor of happiness;Pppp

concentrate to today..Sunday!! relaxing mode=surfing chatting n sms-ing;since it's bulan puasa no eating2 session yaa~~=P

today we r going to cook together for "sungkai" hehe..break the fast at 5716..msak tomyam..kak quinn sponsor:Phooho.. hope everything's fine today:D

Saturday, September 6, 2008

it's 10.28 a.m

bo lpas mandi..waaa bgun lewat..xsmpat shur sumaaaa...ieeeyyy

i live like today is my last...
enjoy every single moment!~

waiting for miracle...

Friday, September 5, 2008

it's Friday..

pejam celik pejam celik da ari jumaat..arr im blogging in bm n it's quite fun though..=P
hurm..there are so many things happen in diz week..start from my physic's quiz n then my e-maths quiz..arr..nex week is my mid term for chemistry..wish me luck dude!!=)

im done wit everything i n feel like blogging rite now..seriously i have nothing to say but i wan to write smthing in here..err..waaaaa.di hati ini sapa yang tahu..

currently listening to Sogyuma Acacia-Hello..sad song..reli suits the condition im in now..
i dunno wat to say..did i do anything wrong?god help me..cant bear this's my 2nd month in curtin.i hate to say diz..but it's reality..oh my kwn2!!!i reli2 miss u one can ever replaced u guys..

Everything happened for a greater reason..god is planning smthing for me..
i believed that...

reli miss those moments in high school...

reli miss the way u guys make me laugh..

reli miss the time we spend together...

reli miss those smiles..

reli miss ur faces..

reli miss those "noisineeesss" smpai kene mrah!!crazy!!

arrrrrrr........wat else?

for those hu might get hurts wit my silly attitude, im so sorry..
n if i dont..i feel sorry!no further question..

jadikan hari2 yang mendatang penuh dgn kegembiraan dan ketenangan di dlm hati ini..