Thursday, July 1, 2010

comfortable or not??~

i bought shoes with my dearie Siti Sumaiyah..yesterday..
"As long as u're comfortable in it..then it's okay" ; who cares what others think of that shoes..

does this applies to how u act with people around you?

Are we actually acting like what this quote is telling us?
Now it represents a strong moment of self evaluation...

Have you ever want people around you to follow ur lead?
Follow ur style?

For example:

"I don't like u acting this way n u shud stop"
"I don't like you coz i don't feel comfortable being with you"
"I like my room to be neat and tidy all the time..n you should not mess around"
"I want my coffee to be warm n not too hot n not too cold"
"I'm a quiet person n i want everybody in this room to be silent most of the time"
"I want everything that i feel comfortable with, no matter what would that be with you, i don't care as long as im comfortable with it?"

Have you ever realized that u're acting like one of those?

Have you ever think about others? Do they feel comfortable with that?

I've been studying bout people's behavior matter what people matter what people said, no matter what no matter anymore... i'll end up saying.. "Happy people are happy in their own way"

I'll follow ur style mister,as long as u're happy with it.
You don't like that..oohh im gonna change.
Whatever u said,i'll fine with it.

Whenever i encountered one of these..i would be thinking bout how does that benefit one of us?

Lets relate to this story. I was a teacher. A temporary teacher indeed
If i were wanted myself to be comfortable teaching without any distraction.
I would tied their legs to the table so that they wouldnt be walking around
I would bring cellophane tap to shut their mouth
I would bring a cane to scold them whenever they didnt do the homework given..
N finally i can do my job easily. Enter the class, teach n mark their work!
I'm comfortable with that situation but how about others?

Whenever u wanted to do anything..please think something that can benefits both party.

So that you, YOU, yOu and Me, I, She, or He would be happy! No hurt feeling!

Lots of love(LOL)

pS: Happy Holiday..
pray for my results n i'll love u forever!

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